Digitise the investment experience in

LdX is a white-label investor portal

which helps General Partners, Alternative Investment Managers

and Placement Agents to:

business faster

Reach new and existing investors digitally.


Reduce manual work and costs with automation.

user experience

Increase engagement from your customers, partners and employees.

Stand out
from competition

Capture market shares from old-fashioned institutions with a unique and innovative offering.

Focus on your core business

Your team spends less time on repetitive tasks and more time on
originating new business and building meaningful relationships.

LdX Platform Features

Compliant marketing

  • Multijurisdiction onboarding
  • Automated KYC, AML & accreditation checks
  • Electronic NDA
  • Secured dataroom

Turn leads into investors

  • Sales funnel to monitor progress
  • Call & meeting scheduling tool
  • Email tracking
  • Insightful analytics

Close deals

  • Electronic signature
  • Payment initiation
  • Full audit trail

Investor relations management

  • eVault - secured reporting and communications with 24/7 access
  • Dividend and coupon payment
  • Initiate and track capital calls
  • Electronic votes

Innovative optional features

  • Secondary market powered by blockchain technology
  • Transactions settled in minutes
  • Digital compliance officer
  • Live capitalisation tables

Why work with Leaseum ?

Institutional DNA

Our team has worked for the largest financial institutions and real estate groups.

FCA Regulated

Being directly supervised by the financial regulatory body in the UK is an additional demonstration of our commitment to treat our customers fairly, and comply with the regulations.

Robust Technology

Leaseum’s LdX platform is built and optimised specifically to help clients to benefit from both traditional and emerging technologies.

Flexible SaaS Model

  • Quick deployment
  • Reduce the need for internal IT resources
  • No maintenance releases
  • Reliable and scalable
  • Data security

We have worked for

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